Certified Heavy Vehicle Driving Instructor


JS Transport Group has appointed an in-house Certified Heavy Vehicle Driving Instructor, allowing all of our fleet drivers to complete an in-house driving test before the commencement of any employment.

New employees will also be subject to more rigorous staff screening processes, designed to establish any gaps in knowledge, improve the skill set of our drivers, and provide higher standards for medicals, licensing and background checks.

All drivers within JS Transport are required to undertake this testing, which works to address any issues in driver habits or complacency. The screening is conducted across city, regional, and farm environments to allow for a full breadth of skills analysis, and those who record incidents (including from DriveCam) will be required to re-sit the testing. This testing will enable us to provide the highest possible industry standard for drivers.

Our subcontractors will also be required to comply with the new driver standards and requirements, as per the JS Transport Subcontractors Policy.

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