JS Transport is an accredited member of TruckSafe, which we have achieved through independent auditing. Our TruckSafe accreditation means that we are bound by the TruckSafe Code of Conduct, and are bound by due diligence and duty of care standards.

Our maintenance standards aim to ensure all of our vehicles and trailers are maintained in a safe and roadworthy condition. These standards cover mandatory requirements for daily checks, fault reporting and records, fault repairs, scheduled maintenance, maintenance records and documentation, maintenance responsibilities, internal and external reviews, and support training and education.

Our on-road compliance program works to ensure that operators have safety management systems covering mass, dimension and load restraint, speed management, driving hours and fatigue.

TruckSafe accreditation provides confidence that operators have responsible work practices, well-maintained vehicles, healthy and trained drivers and management systems to meet their transport needs. This is the only risk mitigation accreditation available to manage animal welfare compliance and reputation.

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